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How do you put your GIS metadata in EML format?

Fall 2009

Jonathan Walsh (BES)

A quick email poll was conducted to see how we turn GIS metadata into EML.

13 responses were received, which represents half the LTER sites.

The results were as follows:

  • Have GIS metadata but not in EML: 4
  • Do not have GIS data: 3
  • Use XML transform: 3
  • Use a script: 1
  • Paste in manually: 1
  • Morpho: 1

Pacific Coast Zooplankton Working Group: Data and Information Infrastructure

Spring 2009

- Karen Baker (PAL/CCE)

Dynamically Plotting the Future: An International Information Management Workshop for Forest Dynamic Plot Databases

Spring 2009

- John Porter (VCR) & Meei-ru Jeng (TERN)

PROJECTDB – Planning and Development of a Collaborative Programming Effort

Fall 2008

Jonathan Walsh (BES),  Jason Downing (BNZ)

The ProjectDB is a means of tracking and cataloging the projects being undertaken by Long Term Ecological Research Network sites.  Information managers may recognize it as similar to previous “db” projects such as SITEDB wherein information is agglomerated and made available as a whole.  This makes it possible to draw comparisons and similarities to the sites as well as gather data from all the sites to represent the network as a whole.

USFS Experimental Forest and Range Information Manager Meeting

Spring 2008

Don Henshaw1 and Dave Rugg2

1Andrews Experimental Forest LTER, 2USFS Northern Research Station

On-going research collaboration

Spring 2007

- Florence Millerand (PAL & CCE)

Strategic Mentoring for LTER IMs

Spring 2007

- Susan Stafford, University of Minnesota

Over 30 participants, decided to forgo free time exploring the Colorado Rocky Mountains at the 2006 All Scientists Meeting (ASM) to listen to Susan Stafford, University of Minnesota, and Peter Arzberger, UCSD University of California, San Diego - who joined the group via skype – to discuss opportunities for long-term mentoring and professional development for LTER Information Managers (IMs).

Information Management Committee: GIS, Technology, and Changing Organizational Structures

Spring 2007

- Nicole Kaplan (SGS), Corinna Gries (CAP), Karen Baker (CCE & PAL), Don Henshaw (AND), Theresa Valentine (AND) and John Vande Castle (LNO)

LTER Site GIS Survey Results

Spring 2007

- Barbara Nolen (JRN)

In response to the e-mails that have been circulating regarding the GIS committee, I was interested in looking at the results from the 2003 GIS survey and finding out who is involved in GIS at each site currently. I was able to access the surveys from the13 of 24 LTER sites that responded. But as the survey is already 4 years old I wanted to find out the current responses to the survey. So I summarized the results of the 2003 survey by quickly going through the surveys and simplifying the results.

Hubbard Brook Dedicates Archive Building to Cindy Veen

Fall 2006

- John Campbell (HBR)

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