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LTER Data to be Part of Web of Knowledge

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Spring 2013

James Brunt (LNO), Margaret O'Brien (SBC)

In October 2012, Thomson Reuters launched a component within their Web of Knowledge platform called the Data Citation Index (DCI), which will support discovery, access, citation, and attribution of digital data. Initially their work has focused on data sets deposited in repositories and which are used in the research published in the traditional scientific literature. Their system is planned to enable the discovery of data studies and data sets, and to help track the full impact of research and institutional output. After reviewing LTER data catalogs, Thomson Reuters has selected our Network as a key resource for this new initiative. Inclusion in the new Data Citation Index will provide LTER with increased visibility, data citation, and repository traffic, and additionally, to metrics of use similar to that provided for published papers.

The Thomson Reuters initiative has been discussed within IMExec, NISAC, and the Executive Board, and the LNO is acting as the point of communication for further work. LNO communicated a crosswalk between the DCI metadata and EML for analysis and scripted examples of accessing the PASTA API for Data and DOIs. We plan to encourage LTER scientists to cite data which will prime the pump for seeing LTER data cited elsewhere.

More information about the Data Citation Index can be found at

Figure 1 shows a screenshot of a DCI record.

Figure 1 shows a screenshot of a DCI record.

Special thanks to Margaret O'Brien and 'Gastil' Gastil-Buhl for their contributions to this effort.