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Interactive Cartographic Almanac

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Spring 2012

Jamie Holllingsworth (BNZ)

The Interactive Cartographic Almanac (ICA) project was funded by the LNO for the creation of a dynamic mapping tool for network-wide maps specifically to be use in presentations and publications. Jamie Hollingsworth, Bonanza Creek LTER,  received funding to develop the map products. These maps enhance our ability to describe and depict the LTER network of sites to funding sources, interested public, and LTER and non-LTER affiliated scientists.

The maps were created in ArcGIS ArcMap software and exported to Adobe Illustrator, for output as a PDF file. An user can open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, turn layers on or off, and add or remove labeling and other cartographic symbols. The map layout is North America, with Alaska and Puerto Rico included. Antarctica and MCR sites are provided as insets. The products from this project are customizable high-resolution professional maps that can be exported from Adobe Acrobat as image files for use in other programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, and publications.  The resources gathered for this atlas will be used to develop base layers for the LTERmapS interactive web application.

The pdf files can be accessed at :