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The Dark Side of the Internet

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Spring 2011

Philip Tarrant (CAP)

Review: 'The dark side of the Internet: Attacks, costs and responses' by Won Kim, Ok-Ran Jeong, Chulyun Kim, Jungmin So. 2011, Information Systems: 36, 675-705. 

Kim et al. introduce this subject with "The Internet and Web technologies have originally been developed assuming an ideal world where all users are honorable." However, as we now know, not all Internet users have honorable intentions and any individual or organization that accesses the Internet comes under bombarbment from many directions and via many methods.

Selected highlights:

This comprehensive article takes an in depth look at the different types of Internet abuse from the perspective of: 1) the methods used, both technology centric and non-technology centric, and 2) the damage these attacks cause.

Each type of attack is described in general terms, giving a good introduction to the types of issues that may be experienced.

The authors examine the causes of Internet abuse.

There is a more detailed exploration of how these abuses are implemented and some of the preventative measures that can be taken to reduce risk.

Finally, the authors consider the responses both in terms of legislation and law enforcement that are intended to address the problem.  


Arizona State University now regularly scans "" web site for vulnerabilities and reports issues to the responsible departments. This process exposes weaknesses that have to be addressed promptly. However, these operations create an overhead for both the institution and the department involved; something, it appears, we just have to get used to. Given the ongoing nature of Internet abuse, for the reader that is less aux fait with these different methods, this article provides a good overview of the types of attacks currently in use, the damage they can cause and the attempts by organizations and authorities to combat these issues.