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Communicating Science

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Spring 2011

Jonathan Walsh (BES)

Steward Pickett wrote a useful summary of the recent Baltimore Ecosystem Study quarterly research meeting.  The meeting topic was “Communicating Science.”  The summary is online at his web log:

When it comes to communicating science, the site Information Managers play a significant role. We usually have something to do with the distribution and dissemination of the science performed at our site. We all maintain websites which offer data, news, announcements, and information about our projects. Even if we don’t write much of it, we see it all, and we’re responsible for making it available to the community. Increasingly, the website has become the main method to communicate our research.

Steward’s summary is worthwhile reading for Information Managers. The topics, summarized nicely and presented eloquently and concisely, are:

  • Communicating Effectively with Reporters
  • Communicating for Policy
  • Photography for Communicating Science, Video and Ecology
  • Writing for the Public
  • Writing For Scientists, and
  • Making effective slides.