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UAF Researchers Propose a Climate Data Center for the Arctic

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Spring 2010

Jason Downing (BNZ)

Researchers from the International Arctic Research Center and the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) hosted a meeting early this year to discuss the development of a Climate Data Center for the Arctic that could build upon and enhance the visibility of data archives without duplication of current activities.

The purpose was to gather input to formulate a development plan that would identify and address a range of needs by various existing and potential stakeholders, both at UAF and beyond. The proposed center would promote additional synergistic activities and alleviate barriers to data utilization. Communication among the science researchers and computing specialists is critical at this time to map the development of the necessary applications and services to provide customizable product generation that could be most efficiently utilized for collaboration efforts. Included in these discussions were representatives from two LTER sites (Bonanza Creek LTER and Arctic LTER) and organizers interested in co-operation with the LTER network and its local sites.

While this meeting was preliminary, there is substantial momentum and ongoing progress... So stay tuned.