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USGS streamflow data automatically harvested for inclusion in HydroDB

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Spring 2006

- Wade Sheldon (GCE)


How can our site sign up to have USGS streamflow data automatically harvested for inclusion in HydroDB?


First you need to identify candidate real-time streamflow stations near to your site using the USGS station search forms at Next, send your list of station ids to Suzanne Remillard (AND) , and she will create corresponding HydroDB station ids and forward the list to Wade Sheldon (GCE) for testing. An initial harvest will then be performed, and you will receive a table listing the date coverages, available parameters, and parameter value ranges for each of your stations. If data values at any of your candidate stations regularly exceed the default HydroDB quality control limits (e.g. discharge > 20,000 lps), you may need to use the ClimDB/HydroDB metadata forms to specify higher limits. After your sites are verified and metadata records are updated, automatic data harvests will commence weekly and you will receive harvest summaries via email. (For more information on this service, see