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Spring 2006

Welcome to a robust issue of the Spring 2006 DataBits!

We had many submittals this issue and the articles really show the diversity of this group. We hope you have as much fun reading this issue as we did putting it together. As many of the LTER sites have EML documents being generated, the focus of the IM community has shifted from generating EML to working with EML. There is a series of four articles in this issue of DataBits' that explore multiple approaches with differing timeframes that IM's are developing that will lead to better data discovery within EML. TRENDS also stops by to give an update on their progress. As data mangers, we often over-look some of the ways that we can outreach to our surrounding communities, and Chris Gardner from McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER provides a great avenue with the Children's Book Series. A pair of editorials consider MySQL and PostgreSQL as well as the usual collection of informative articles, good reads, and news bits. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy this issue of Databits'

DataBits continues as a semi-annual electronic publication of the Long Term Ecological Research Network. It is designed to provide a timely, online resource for research information managers and to incorporate rotating co-editorship. Availability is through web browsing as well as hardcopy output. LTER mail list IMplus will receive DataBits publication notification. Others may subscribe by sending email to
with two lines "subscribe databits" and "end" as the message body. To communicate suggestions, articles, and/or interest in co-editing, send email to

----- Co-editors: Brian Riordan (BNZ), Steve Bauer (CDR)

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