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Visualization Blog "Cool Infographics"

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Fall 2014

Theresa Valentine (AND)

I stumbled on this interesting company called Cool Inforgraphics,  The site uses charts and graphs to communicate data and turn data into information.  Rany Krum, President also has written a book called Cool Inforgaphics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design.  All the figures in the book are available at .   Check out the Awesome Tower of Beer, and  The Lifespan of Storage Media, What's so hard about Search?.  Chapter 7 has a list of design resource links, including Inkscape, Chartle, DIY Chart  (Do it yourself),  and lots of others.  Many are open source options.  One last link is A Periodic table of Visualization Methods  where you will find interesting methods such as tree map, force field diagram, argument slide, and the heaven n hell chart.