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A Web Service for EML-based Mapping

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Fall 2012

John Porter (VCR), David Richardson (VCR)

The VCR/LTER has published a new web service that automatically creates a Google Earth KML file containing markers for each of the locations identified in an Ecological Metadata Language (EML) document.  The tool returns a KML file named "EMLdoc.kml" that is suitable for use with Google Earth, ArcGIS or any other software that takes KML files as input.  

The draft web service is being used to "feed" the coverage display on the VCR/LTER data display (
The display includes an openLayers JavaScript viewer that displays the points from the KML document generated by the web service.  These sorts of displays can be easily exported to other LTER sites by making only a few changes to the JavaScript code. 

David Richardson is continuing work on improving the web service to make it display more clearly the geographic entities that are described by bounding boxes or polygons (currently only centroids are displayed). There are also plans to move the web service to a more REST-type interface.  However, it has been released for use by early adopters because it is functional and stable now. 

The draft service for a package in the LTER or KNB Metacats:

The service for an arbitrary EML document can be specified by URL: