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Is there a preferred stable URL for the EML schema?

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Fall 2010

Mark Servilla (LNO), Margaret O'Brien (SBC) and Wade Sheldon (GCE)


Is there a preferred stable URL for the EML schema to put at the top of my EML documents?


The network office (LNO) now provides these URLs:

Put the URL for your document's EML version in the <eml> element the top of each EML file.  This allows it to be validated by applications.  When the schemaLocation URL is defined, oXygen will become aware of the schema and will mark any schema-invalid xml so it is easier to catch errors. There are some caveats when using the EML 2.0.1 schema; for further explanation see the Metadata section of the IMC website at:

Figure 1. The top of an EML document being edited in oXygen, showing the xsd (line 7)